Kolbo: NFTY Kallah at OSRUI

Kolbo: NFTY Kallah at OSRUI


April 8th-10th, 2022


Oconomowoc, WI

We have moved to space available for this event. If you register today, you will be put onto a waitlist, and we will be in touch if space becomes available. Please reach out to Stacy at SBernstein@urj.org with any questions.

What is NFTY?  NFTY has been the brand of teen engagement for the Reform movement for decades. NFTY is a movement that builds strong, welcoming, inspired communities through teen-powered engagement. Together, we pursue tikkun olam (repairing the world), personal growth, youth empowerment, and deep connections, all rooted in Reform Judaism.  

NFTY events maintain high expectations of being a caring and safe community. You can read our NFTY Brit K’hilah, our code of conduct, to get to know the kind of community we create together. 

What is a Kallah? A Kallah is an overnight experience with other teens that includes engaging programs, activities, and opportunities to meet other Reform Jewish teens. These activities also include Shabbat services, character and relationship building programs, and an opportunity for social action or social justice programming.  

What is CAR-NO-MV? These acronyms stand for the names of each geographical region: Chicago, Northern, and Missouri Valley. Each region has its own teen leadership regional board. These are the individuals who will be planning most of the retreat with adult partnership. 

What is the schedule? Check out our full schedule for the weekend.

Meals: OSRUI’s kitchen is kosher style. Our meals accommodate dietary needs including gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, and allergen-free. For the safety of those with allergies, no outside food will be permitted. 

Transportation: We are providing transportation from the Chicago area, the Twin Cities, and Chicago’s O’hare airport.  If you are flying, please fly into ORD on April 8th arriving by 2:30pm, and depart on April 10th after 3:00pm.  Here are our approximate bus times. The bus will depart at this time, please arrive 15 minutes prior:

  • Oak Park Temple– 2:45pm
  • Ohare – 3:15pm
  • Deerfield – 3:00pm
  • Kenosha – 3:45pm
  • Twin Cities – 10:30am (bring a nut-free lunch to eat on the bus)
  • Madison – 4:15pm

Safety: The safety and wellbeing of our staff and participants is our highest priority. Our staff onsite includes the year round OSRUI team, congregational staff members, bunk counselors, and an overnight security team. 

Cost: Thanks to ongoing support from Jewish United Fund, the cost of the weekend is $175.  The cost includes food, lodging, all programs, and bus transportation.  Register now to reserve your spot – registrations will be processed on March 16th, 2022. There is no fee if you cancel before March 15th.  After March 16th, there will be no refunds.

Scholarship assistance: We are committed to ensuring that all teens who wish to attend this event are able to join us.  If cost is a prohibiting factor, please fill out this scholarship form. We request that you ask your synagogue for funding before you apply for our scholarship.

Ready to Register? Here’s some helpful tips for registering your teen:

  • Registration is completed through OSRUI’s CampInTouch system 
  • Go to this link to begin your registration: https://urjosrui.campintouch.com/ui/forms/application/camper/App
  • Registration must be completed through a parent/guardian account. 
  • If you have a camper signed up for OSRUI, please use the same account information. 
  • If your child is enrolled for summer 2022, some information may be pre-populated, please be sure that you are completing all required questions, so your registration is completed in full. 
  • On the payment page, choose ‘NFTY & Year-Round Programs – Pay in Full Credit, or NFTY & Year-Round Programs – Pay in Full eCheck’  
  • You are registering today to reserve your spot.  Your tuition will be collected on March 16th, 2022.  
  • If your child is currently enrolled in summer 2022, your camp billing plan has been saved in the back end of our system. We will return your billing plan for camp and planned payments for camp will not be interrupted. 
  • If you have questions about CampMinder or your registration, please email Allisa at ahorwitz@urj.org. All other inquiries about the event can be sent to SBernstein@urj.org. 


After completing registration, there will be TWO additional steps.  Participants and parents will digitally sign a copy of the COVID Brit and then upload proof of participant’s vaccination.  You can find these documents in your CampMinder Account under FORMS AND DOCUMENTS.

We are excited to be planning for in-person URJ camp-based overnight programs for 2022! The health and wellbeing of our participants has always been and will remain our top priority as we work to open these events. Together, we can take the necessary actions to balance our needs for connection and community with the ongoing reality of the pandemic.

As we consider every aspect of our program and operation, we have created the following FAQs to answer some of the questions you may have.  We will continue to update this information as needed. This information is based on what we know today. We are deeply committed to open, ongoing, and honest communication with our congregations and event attendees.

Based on your current planning, what COVID-19 mitigation protocols will be in place?

Prior to the event:

  • Vaccines REQUIRED: We will require ALL participants, staff, and adults to have completed the full COVID vaccination schedule that they are age-eligible for (CDC defines this as being “up to date”). Everyone on-site for the event will be required to upload their vaccination information as part of registration. You can read our full vaccination policy.
  • For 5 days prior to the event, please exercise caution by limiting your exposures to the bare minimum (no indoor, unmasked gatherings or dining outside of your immediate family home, and at school/work). A signed Short-Term Overnight Programs COVID Brit will be required to be uploaded prior to the event. Consider this an expression of our Jewish value of Pikuach Nefesh, the protection and preservation of human life.

Travel / Arrival: a negative rapid Antigen test is required immediately prior to the program, and negative results must be uploaded as part of registration. It is strongly recommended that you do an at-home rapid test prior to traveling to the programs, as well.

  • For those traveling by car: on-site rapid testing will be done upon arrival.
  • For those traveling by bus: rapid testing will be done immediately prior to boarding the bus.
  • For those traveling by airplane: a negative rapid Antigen test is required immediately prior to air travel (within 24 hours, or as directed by the airline).
    • Guidelines for air travel: Please use caution when travelling through airports – always wear a high filtration mask (N95/KN95/KN94-level) and maintain diligent hand hygiene.

On-Site Requirements:

  • Mask-wearing indoors throughout the event except for during dining, bathing, and sleeping, and outdoors when physical distancing of 6 feet is not possible. All participants must wear a high filtration mask (N95/KN95/KN94-level). Participants must bring 3 high filtration masks/day and extras.
  • Sleeping and eating groups will be kept consistent as much as possible to limit exposures within the participant group.
  • Hygiene: Encouraging and making time for frequent hand washing/sanitizing
  • Informing participants of and encouraging best practices to mitigate the spread of COVID-19
  • Participants MUST communicate to program staff if they develop any COVID symptoms during the event (as described in the COVID Brit).

We know that the best practices surrounding COVID-19 are continually changing.  We will evaluate our policies and practices as the COVID-19 landscape evolves. Our protocols and guidelines will always be subject to change based on the latest guidelines from health experts, state and local protocols, and other health authorities.

Will vaccines be required to attend?

Yes. We will require ALL participants, staff, and adults to have completed the full COVID vaccination schedule that they are age-eligible for (CDC defines this as being “up to date”). Everyone on-site for the event will be required to upload their vaccination information as part of registration. You can read our full vaccination policy. Please note, this is the policy for the Spring 2022 weekend programs but does not define future URJ policies.

Yes, there are exceptions to the URJ vaccination policy, and they are rare. There are exceedingly rare circumstances where vaccination is contraindicated for bona fide medical reasons. Individuals who have had a documented allergy or severe adverse reaction to the usual childhood vaccination series might not be able to complete the specific immunization schedule outlined above. Additionally, individuals who are relatively immunodeficient (for example, people living with cancer or who are receiving chemotherapy, transplant recipients, and people receiving immunosuppressive drugs) may not be able to receive certain vaccines.  In these extremely rare circumstances, current documentation from a licensed Physician (MD or DO), or a Pediatric/Family Practice Advanced Practice Nurse (ARNP or PNP) not related to the individual, describing the condition that prevented immunization, must be furnished to URJ Camps or Israel Programs medical advisory team.  We will review these very rare situations on a case-by-case basis to determine if that individual can safely participate.

Will masking be required?

Masks will be required indoors except when dining, bathing, and in sleeping rooms, and outdoors when physical distancing of 6 feet is not possible. All participants must wear a high filtration mask (N95/KN95/KN94-level). Participants must bring 3 high filtration masks/day and extras.

Will COVID-19 testing be required?

A negative on-site rapid test upon arrival at the program OR upon boarding the bus taken directly to the program OR prior to air travel to the program is required. These negative test results must be uploaded as part of registration.

We strongly encourage you to self-administer an at-home rapid Antigen Test (available without a prescription at most pharmacies) prior to traveling to the event.

What happens if the URJ cancels events due to COVID-19?

We will remain nimble and responsive to the ever-evolving standards and protocols and will adapt accordingly.  If, however, the URJ is unable or elects not to run the program due to government regulations or if the URJ chooses not to open at its own discretion, you will receive a full program fee refund, including the deposit, without penalty.

What happens if a family/student registers and then decides to cancel because they are no longer comfortable attending?

We offer families the opportunity to purchase trip insurance to protect their investment. If a program is running but a family chooses to cancel, our normal cancellation policies will apply.

What happens if a teen has a positive rapid COVID test onsite?

We have several mitigation tools in place to prevent this situation from occurring (rapid antigen testing upon on-site arrival/bus boarding/pre-air travel, staying home if symptomatic, recommended rapid antigen test at home prior to travel, pre-program “quarantine” and COVID Brit). However, if this situation arises, arrangements will be made in collaboration with the specific family involved to best facilitate the health and wellbeing of all program participants, in accordance with local, state, and URJ COVID policies. The Program Staff will be in communication with the participant and their parent/guardian to make logistical arrangements for the swift retrieval of the COVID+ participant. While waiting to be picked up, the COVID+ participant will be isolated and provided as much support as possible. All participants should prepare a plan in case of this scenario. If needed, the plan can include a local adult who is not a parent/guardian, with parent permission. This person’s name must be recorded on the Brit.

How do you decide what guidelines are needed for these events?

An experienced team of URJ staff is overseeing the development of COVID guidance for URJ programs. They work with our URJ Medical Advisory Team who have expertise and specialization in public health and infectious diseases. These teams are working closely with the program staff to develop guidelines and protocols appropriate for these events.