Meet Our Regional Board

Daniel, President
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Hey, Missouri Valley! I’m Daniel, but a lot of people call me Pommy, Dpommy, or Pomegranate. I am from SETYG in St. Louis, Missouri, and I am a junior in high school. When I’m not at school or playing sports, I’m usually doing something NFTYrelated. My time as a NFTY participant, TYG board member, and regional board member has been incredible. The Missouri Valley community continues to amaze me as we keep making great memories together!

If we haven't talked, or you want to talk more, I would love to get to know you better! I like sports a lot! In fall you can find me making cross country Snapchat stories (which are WAY too long), in winter you can catch me at the J with my basketball team “Latke Flocka Flame,” and in spring you can witness my mediocrity at tennis. Last year I tried to bring Crocs back, which didn’t work; now I am currently failing at bringing Snuggies back, so if you want to keep the trend alive, bring one to an event and I’ll proudly wear mine with you!

Megan, Programming Vice President
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Hey Missouri Valley! My name is Megan and I am so excited to be serving as your 2017-2018 Programming Vice President. I am a member of UHTYG in St. Louis, MO and I am going into my senior year of high school. This summer I am spending my fourth year as a counselor at a Jewish day camp. In my free time, I like to snapchat/facetime/houseparty with my NFTY friends, play guitar, and take naps. I can't wait to see you all at events this year!

Eliana, Religious & Cultural Vice President
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Hi Missouri Valley! I'm Eliana and I'm honored to be your Religious and Cultural Vice President for the 2017-2018 year! I'm a senior from Overland Park, KS, and I'm a member of PBnJ. This summer will be my eighth summer at URJ Camp Kalsman. Outside of NFTY, I love playing guitar, playing sports, or watching Royals baseball. Feel free to contact me anytime, I can't wait to get to know you all next year!!

Leora, Social Action Vice President
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Shalom, Mo-Valley! My name is Leora, I am a junior from Boulder, Colorado, and it is an honor to serve as your 2017-2018 Social Action Vice President! My spirit animal is Baby Simba, I have an immense adoration for Chacos, and I love NFTY with all my heart. I’ve had the honor to serve as on BTY Board for 2 years and share my love for social justice! I have spent 7 summers at URJ camps and am a proud Coleman and Kutz Alum. When I’m not at an event, you can probably catch me watching/freaking out about Grey’s Anatomy, laughing at my dad jokes, or playing guitar. I can't wait for a SAVPerfect year with y'all!

Julian, SLIID Membership Vice President
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What’s up Missouri Valley?!? I’m Julian and I am your SLIID Membership Vice President for the 2017-2018 school year. I would say I’m a pretty average teenager, not in a boring way though.I love spending time with my friends, playing and watching sports, eating, the usual. I’m a huge sports fan by the way, especially for the Indiana Hoosiers. However I follow most sports and love to talk sports so if you’re ever interested please talk to me. Besides the basics though, I love my Jewish side. NFTY and camp are two of the most important things in my life and I would not be the person I am today without them. I love “MVPing” as we say and I cannot wait to see what this year will hold for us. One of my goals is to be one of the most approachable (the most??) people in the region, so if I haven’t talked to you, definitely HMU! I’m here for you all so if you ever have any questions, wanna tell a story, or just need to talk, I’m here. Let’s have a great year!!

Max, Western Membership Vice President
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Hey NFTY Missouri Valley! My name is Max and I am a junior from PBnJ in Kansas City. Last year, I served as a Missouri Valley Regional Songleader and PBnJ President. Outside of NFTY, I am actively involved in theatre in the Kansas City area and enjoy singing, playing the piano and guitar, and watching Netflix. I have grown to fall in love with NFTY Missouri Valley over the past three years and can’t wait for the many great memories to come

Willow, Communications and Visuals Vice President
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Shalom Missouri Valley! My name is Willow and I'm thrilled to be your CVP for the 2017-2018 year. I am a senior at Fairview High School in Boulder, CO. Outside of NFTY, I love the outdoors, hanging with friends, traveling, and playing Mario Cart. Please contact me anytime, and for any reason at all:)

Sydney, Special Projects Coordinator
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Hey Missouri Valley!! My name is Sydney and I am absolutely thrilled to be serving as your regional Special Projects Coordinator for this upcoming year!  I am a senior in high school and a member of FCTYG in beautiful Denver, Colorado!  When I'm not busy with NFTY or school, you can find me petting dogs, exploring the mountains, and talking about Camp Rainbow!  If you have any questions about Camp Rainbow, NFTY, or just want to talk feel free to contact me and we can become friends!  

NFTY Missouri Valley is governed by a board of teen leaders who are elected by their peers that serve a one-year term. Regional board members play a critical role in all aspects of running the region including event planning and marketing, and mentoring teen leaders from our local youth communities. The regional board is mentored by a Regional Director of Youth Engagement who oversees all programs and administration. 


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