Blog  GVP: Stay Educated and Use Your Voice

GVP: Stay Educated and Use Your Voice


To all of our Colorado peeps, I love you, and am thankful we are all safe. The amount of love I have for all y’all is more than you could ever imagine.

Today was a hard day. Today was a reminder that we live in a world where gun violence is very much so part of our lives. The idea of staying home from school for many was unsettling. I feel that, I empathize with you. We can not live our lives in fear. But, we can live our lives educated on the social action issues we are passionate about.

Gun Violence Prevention has been talked about a lot in NFTY MV. I am here to share 2 very easy ways to stay educated, and use your voice.

This is the direct link that will take you to Everytown for Gun Safety’s website. The first link gives you a place to put your name, email, zip code, and phone number. The second link gives you a place to sign up for just text messages AND shows you 7 ways to translate your values into REAL ACTION!!

Both keep you in the loop of governmental action taking place in your state. It gives you the ability to educate yourself on what is happening towards making a safer, brighter tomorrow.  CHECK IT OUT 🙂 🙂 🙂


Being educated is one part of being the change you wish to see in the world. The second step is knowing that you can use your voice.

Text Students to this number: 644-33  

These are two different ways to make sure your voice is heard. The first link is to ResistBot. They help you anonymously contact your officials! Not all of us are comfortable calling and using our names, that is totally okay. This allows you to feel 100% comfortable sharing your opinion to your elected officials.

The second is the number to the organization Students Demand Action. An AMAZING nationwide organization that empowers young activists and teens to stand strong with their peers and fight against gun violence. They create a safe space for students at schools to talk about this rising epidemic.  

Your voice matters. YOU matter. Everyone should know the many ways to use their voice. No matter your political affiliation, we all want to live in a safe world. We all want to feel safe going to the places we are most connected to. I just wanted to share some ways to get connected.

I am always here to talk!

Noa Greene