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Getting to Know Me

When I had this feeling of being different, I was only two years and nine months old. It was at the time of when I lost my hearing. I feel like I’m not being understood and left out, because all of my family members are hearing, and I’m the only deaf person in the family. There are also a lot of hearing people in the world, and that is part of the reason of why I feel different.

The feeling of being different can make me feel isolated, because for years, being different can make me have a really hard time to fit into society and the world. It made me feel bad when hearing people just treat me like I’m different, like I seem to them as a pushover. Or a doormat.

But I want you to know it’s important for me to share my feelings and get to know you. During this Chavurah, you can use my CLT – Amy. I understand English, but I see the CLT to see it when I cannot hear it.

Sometimes you may not understand me or I may not understand you but I want to. It may just take extra time. You can text with me too.

I want to get to know you all better. Please do not be afraid to ask me questions that aren’t just “yes” or “no” answers. I like small talk and deep talk.

Thank you for trying to understand.

Maxwell Tucker
Denver, CO