Blog  Thanks, NFTY-MV, for a great 2017-2018!

Thanks, NFTY-MV, for a great 2017-2018!

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Check out this note from Hadar and the Spring Chavurah Slidshow!


That was my last event with you.

I want to say thank you so much for opening up to me and letting me experience what a Jewish youth group in the United States is like.

I discovered an amazing group of people, talented, passionate and full of energies to initiate and change the world.

You created a unique space for everyone, an accepting place where everyone can be who they are.

I think NFTY really gives teens the opportunity to feel part of something big and great, to feel like their voices are heard. it makes people understand, that if they just believe in themselves, they can move mountains.

It was unbelievable to me, to see so many young people so passionate about Judaism, and about my country, Israel. Thanks for your support and love.

I encourage all of you to stay dedicated to NFTY, so we can keep it what it is, and to initiate more, to make it even greater. I think the importance of NFTY is so big.

To conclude, I want to say, that I truly love and appreciate each one of you. I’m always here to talk and I would always be more than happy to see you in Israel, my house is open 🙂

אוהבת המון,

הדר קוריא
Hadar Curiel
Shinshinit 2017/2018