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Better Together Boulder

On Saturday morning, September 17th, we participated in the first Better Together services of the year. Better Together is a wonderful program, where our NFTY-MV Colorado teens get to volunteer at a senior center called Frasier Meadows. Together with the residents, we get to have Jewish experiences such as services and discussing Torah, and occasionally, celebrating Jewish holidays.

Something that’s really important to us is intergenerational learning, which we take part in with intellectual discussions and guest speakers. These guest speakers are a great primary source and a valuable asset to our learning. Since we have services at Frasier Meadows, the style is more traditional than a typical NFTY service; yet as we merge our worship styles together we get to form a kehillah kedosha, or holy community.

Before the seniors arrived, we participated in an activity imagining what we might be like when we turn eighty, and breaking down stereotypes of the older generation. Noah will be telling a lot of dad jokes, and Jack will be president.

Once the residents arrived we began our morning prayers with Hineh Ma Tov, a prayer about how good it is to all be together. Our services are normally led by volunteers from Boulder Jewish Family Services, but we had the opportunity at this first meeting to lead services ourselves. In addition to some old favorites, seniors were able to learn new melodies and harmonies while experiencing Judaism through the eyes of a teen. Many stories were exchanged, and laughs were shared.

We love the Better Together program! If you have a teen or are a teen in Colorado, and is at all interested in this phenomenal program, please register and join us at the next meeting on Tuesday, October 18th at 4:00pm.

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