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Spring Chavurah 2016 Dashboard

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"Hosting spring was amazing. The work that our committee chairs put in really made the event sparkle. I'm glad I was able to host my last event. Thanks, NFTY MV!”
- Sarah Goldblum, senior from SETYG

Participants from 16 different youth groups came together at Congregation Shaare Emeth in St. Louis, MO.

“To me, what stood out about Spring Chavurah was that it was an opportunity to choose who would lead us in the upcoming year. It was also very exciting but also sad as we said goodbye to our seniors. My favorite part of the weekend was Havdallah because it tied the whole weekend together and it brought us all together as a kehillah kedosha. NFTY Missouri Valley is always inviting to everyone and we know how to have fun! I always look forward to the next event!”
 - Zachary Poscover, freshman from UHTYG

19 incredible candidates who ran for election to the 8 positions on Regional Board.

“This year’s spring was life-changing. I saw friends become leaders which made me realize just how lucky I am to be in NFTY. Everyone learned more about themselves and others. I am so incredibly proud to know that I have people that I can call my friends that are able to do amazing things in the future. The seniors are now alumni, yet I know that after this weekend, nothing will stop them from pursuing what they want in there life. This weekend showed me just how big of a difference NFTY can make. Not just in the lives of the participants but in those off to change the world one step at a time.”
- Hannah Presken, sophomore from FCTYG

Over 25% of participants who helped to lead a program or service.

"I loved being able to see friends that I hadn't been able to see in a very long time.  It means a lot to be able to see them and go to fun programs with them like the matzah ball program, but I also enjoyed the serious programs like the consent program. SETYG did a great job planning the event and keeping us busy. I loved the Disney-themed service. It was a great way to make typical services more interesting. It couldn't have been a better weekend!”
 - Michael Adato, junior from DMTYG

Tell us what you thought of the weekend in this survey!

"I thought that it was really cool to see Jews from different states and be able to learn about them and pray with them. I liked the group painting program because it was fun and it semi-helped me get over my fear of heights with the ladder."
- Alena Fishkin, freshman from PeFTY.

30 graduating seniors who will use lessons from their time in MV on the next steps of their journey.

“I know that Beth always says that we are one of the most respectful NFTY regions, and after my four years, I wholeheartedly believe that. The entire atmosphere at my last event was filled with gratitude, kindness and love. I truly could not have asked for a better family to share these last four years with, and I will miss feeling the warmth of Missouri Valley.”
- Hannah Pinson, senior from PBnJ

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Save the date for Leadership Training Institute (LTI) on August 26th-28th (location TBA).

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