Blog  Winter Chavurah 2016 Dashboard

Winter Chavurah 2016 Dashboard

Winter Chavurah 2016
Boulder, CO

188 total participants

60 teens with on site leadership roles

$950 raised for Camp Rainbow

2nd consecutive win for SLIID in the annual SLIID vs Western basketball game

Winter Slideshow

  • Passed legislation regarding gender neutral restrooms and the opportunity to write preferred gender pronouns on name tags at events
  • Participated in social justice programming that included a panel about LGTGQ issues, learning from a refugee from Darfur, exploring our own power and privilege and writing poetry about MLK Jr.
  • Learned about the 10 Sefirot and how they connect to our own personal traits and beliefsVictor Potter

In the words of Ben Eber, “The weekend was more magical than Harry Potter.” Here are some other thoughts from participants:

The only chances you’ll regret are the ones you didn’t take. The same can be said about NFTY! It’s a place where I’m accepted for being me, not what people want me to be. It’s given me the courage to stand for what I believe in! It’s a place that I’m proud to call home! You have shaped me, NFTY-MV.

– David Crable, South Street Temple, Lincoln, NE

Winter Chavurah 2016 was one of the best events I have ever been to in my 3 years of being in NFTY-MV. BTY did such a wonderful job being hosts. All of the programs were very inclusive, educational and very well planned. This event will be one of my greatest memories when I think of NFTY-MV.

– Shoshanah Schreiber, South Street Temple, Lincoln, NE

The weekend was full of magic, family and morals. If Harry Potter and his friends were there, they would agree that the weekend was unbelievable and amazing.

– Yael Greene, Har Hashem, Boulder, CO

I have no words to describe how amazing this weekend was. It was magical, fun-filled, and fantastic, yet none of these do Winter Chavurah 2016 its justice.

– Benjamin Brodsky, Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO

Check out the slide show from the weekend to see some of your favorite moments!

What did you think of the weekend?  Let us know for the chance to win $10 to the NFTY MV Shuk!

Did you enjoy the social justice programming?  Travel with URJ Mitzvah Corps this summer to learn even more and help create lasting change.  Register for the Civil Rights Journey to work together towards racial equality and spend 2 weeks with Beth!